Fall Sign Ups

Welcome to Fall 2021 VVBASE Season.

  • Fall League Sign ups Begin - July 6th
    Fall League Sign Ups End - August 15th
  • Fall League Practice Begins - The Week of August 22nd (Each team will be given 1 practice slot during the week all throughout the season.)
  • Fall League Games Begins - September 12th! (4 weeks of Sunday double headers, concluding with a final weekend tournament!)

Signing up online will place you as an individual.  Individuals will be randomly placed onto a team and assigned a coach.

*Coach and player requests can be made however they cannot be guaranteed.

Each division will be keeping same birthday rules as summer league. Boys - Birthday as of April 1st, 2021.  Girls Birthday as of January 1st, 2021.

For any whole teams trying to sign up (especially from outside areas) please contact vvbase2020@gmail.com.
*We will not be allowing entire select teams into the league unless they plan on moving up an entire division/rule set

*All players can be eligible to move up a division if they are able.  If you feel that your child should play down a division for any reason please contact us for more information.