Fall Sign Ups

Fall League Sign ups Begin - July 7th
Fall League Sign Ups End - August 6th
Fall League Practice MAY Begin - The Week of August 21st (Each team will be given 1 practice slot during the week all throughout the season.)
Fall League Games Begins - September 3rd! (4 weekends of Sunday double headers, concluding with a final weekend tournament!)
*Teeball Majors will have a altered schedule.
We will be offering the following divisions:
Teeball Majors (any teeball aged kid)
7 - 10u - Softball (10u Rules - Kid Pitch)
11 - 13u Softball (12u Rules - Kid Pitch)
14 - 17u Softball (HS Rules - Kid Pitch)
7 - 8u Baseball (8u Rules - Coach Pitch)
9 - 10u Baseball (10u Rules - Kid Pitch)
11 - 12u Baseball (12u Rules - Kid Pitch)
*Depending on our numbers, divisions and possibly days may have to be altered to fit best possible scenario. Refunds will be issued if you are uncomfortable with any of the adjustments.
Signing up online will place you as an individual. Individuals will be randomly placed onto a team and assigned a coach.
*Coach and player requests can be made however they cannot be guaranteed.
Each division will be keeping same birthday rules as summer league. Boys - Birthday as of January 1st, 2023.
For any whole teams trying to sign up (especially from outside areas) please contact vvbase2020@gmail.com.
*We will not be allowing entire *select teams* into the league unless they plan on moving up an entire division/rule set (unless they are at the highest point or IF they are a REC team) Other situations can occur, please reach out via email.
*All players can be eligible to move up a division if they are able. If you feel that your child should play down a division for any reason please contact us for more information
Looking forward to another exciting fall season!