Sign Ups

Welcome to the 2021 VVBASE Season.

Our goal at VVBASE is to ensure the safety of every player, coach, and spectator alike.  We will be following any and ALL guidelines put forward to us be either our Governor, the Health Department, or the City of Germantown. Looking towards the season we are still unable to determine what our COVID-19 guidelines will be. We just want to assure you that if you sign up and for any reason you need to pull out or you cannot/do not agree with our guidelines (that will be posted once they are determined) you will get a refund for your registration.

*Refunds won't be accepted after uniforms are ordered. However initial guidelines and orders will be made before that happens.

Additional sign up notes:

  • - If you have over 2 players playing VVBase add the promo code FAMILY for $10 off.
  • - When making coach/player requests they will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.
  • - All players can be eligible to move up a division if they are able.  If you feel that your child should play down a division for any reason please contact us for more information.
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VV BASE Logo-Badge BB Blue


*Recommended for first year players.