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Suitcase of Memories

March 56th, 2020

Being involved in this game for 28 years, I’ve heard a lot, seen a lot and most importantly, played a lot. This game creates memories that people carry for a lifetime. Me, I carry a suitcase full.

One of my greatest memories was going to a Reds vs Astros game in 1995 with my parents. I’m going to say it was the 5th inning, former Red Ron Gant hit a grand slam, in which I became completely overwhelmed with joy, looking over at my dad, as he was overwhelmed with joy saying to me ” that is the best hit in baseball. That doesn’t happen very often”. We talked about this homerun for days, months and years, with mom claiming that I cried at that moment (I still say that I didn’t). Fast forward to 2001, playing in New Lebanon as a senior in high school (Madison Mohawks), with the bases loaded, I hit a home run to left field. As I am rounded second base, I realized that I had just hit “The greatest hit in baseball”.  Now rounding third, with the coach reminding me “see what happens when you don’t pull your head, Davey”, I looked into the visitor bleachers and spotted my mom and dad with that overwhelmed since of joy, just like in 1995.

Although I do have a suitcase full of memories, this memory is the greatest of all time for me.


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